Expedition dedicated to searching of the sunken vessel

Pacific Engineering Company Ltd. together with the Sakhalin cinematographers performed the expedition for searching of the sunken Japanese escort vessel CD112 torpedoed by the American submarine SS120 “Barb” in July, 1945. The search was conducted as part of the work on the historical documentary film “Secret of the Anastasiya Cape” of ANO “Creative association of Sakhalin cinematographers” (Director – Alexander Zarchikov). The survey was executed from the geophysical vessel “Diabaz”. Geophysicists of the company Oleg Novozhilov and Maxim Poznukhov explored the seabed by the side scan sonar, and Alexander Zarchikov coordinated the search. The works lasted more than 24 hours, vast area of Aniva Bay was scanned considering the surveys performed by the previous expeditions.

As a result, on November 22nd the sunken vessel was detected at the depth of 38 m at the Anastasiya Cape in Aniva Bay. The obtained sonograms fixed wreck of the war vessel 54 m long; the vessel bottom, deck-house and pipe are clearly seen. Large wrecks are observed all round, supposedly the stern destroyed as a result of torpedoing and detonation of the depth bombs.

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