Company policy


The Management of PACIFIC ENGINEERING CO.,LTD is working toward promotion of health, safety, and protection of the environment amongst company and sub-contractor employees and providing a safe place of work. There will be no unreported incidents or dangerous occurances. All incidents will be analyzed and corrective actions defined, implemented, and followed-up.

The Management believes:

  1. That all injuries can be prevented.
  2. An ultimate goal of zero lost time incidents is achieveable.
  3. All management is responsible for preventing injuries, protecting personnel, equipment, and the environment.
  4. Working safely is a condition of employment.
  5. Prevention of injuries is good business.


Reducing accidents, unnecessary losses, as well as timely discovery of potential hazards will contribute towards the overall efficiency of the ‘offshore geophysical and geotechnical operation.
The Directive of Company policy shall be to put the highest priority on safety and accident prevention.
The obligations of each supervisor and manager shall be to promote an HSE awareness through active involvement with this plan to ensure an accident free operation and protection and preservation of the natural environment.
In order to achieve the above aims, each supervisor will have an obligation and responsibility for ensuring that all persons receive effective professional training, including that which relates to safety and environmental protection.
Staff members shall have a responsibility to comply with operational procedures, eliminate any hidden hazards, and make themselves aware that safety is everyone’s responsibility.
The elimination of injury or fatality and the preservation of the environment will be individual responsibility of each worker that should inform his manager of all potential hazardous situations resulting in injuries to a person, damage to environment or equipment.
PECO has a commitment to ensure that the acquisition of engineering-geological data is achieved in a safe and effective manner to the satisfaction of both PECO and the client and with due regard to the preservation of the natural environment.


This HSE policy is involved with the safety and health of each staff member. We recognize that safety and health is important to the successful achievement of the geophysical and geotechnical operation.
The acquisition of engineering-geological data will be achieved with due regard to the environment and no circumstance shall overrule the necessity to carry out operations without such consideration.
These safety policies shall be understood by all and put into practice by PECO on every geophysical and geotechnical vessel.


  • To ensure that all staff members involved in geophysical and geotechnical data acquisition are in a fit and healthy condition.
  • To ensure that clean water, food, and safe accommodation is provided by the joint efforts of the company and its staff members.
  • To ensure that any actions or items that may endanger the health of the staff members shall be identified and avoided or minimized wherever possible.


  • The occurrence of any accident, which covers personal injury, mechanical failure, sea contamination, environment pollution, fire hazard and traffic accidents etc., shall be prevented.
  • Line management shall be in use. People at various levels shall enhance their safety consciousness.


  • Preventative measures shall be taken to minimize pollution of the sea environment caused by offshore activities.
  • Such measures as may be required shall be accomplished in a timely manner.


A system will be set up to encourage all staff to report accidents as directed by the Safety and Environmental Protection Department. Priority will be given to the control of risks. PECO will ensure that potential hazards will be controlled before they arise.
Realization of a danger is to be a life principle. Wherever a person may work, it is possible to avoid mistakes completely. The Company aims at minimizing and avoiding such cases and preventing recurrences of dangerous situations in the future.
To set up a complete communication and reporting system to ensure that proper safety management procedures are followed in compliance with line management directives.


Alcohol and Drug Policy was developed in compliance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, norms of the Labor legislation of the Russian Federation and legislative acts of the Russian Federation.
Objective of the Policy is organization of occupational safety, employees’ life and health protection, healthy lifestyle promotion, upbringing and support of moral principles and corporate culture. Management of Pacific Engineering Company Limited, hereinafter referred to as Company or PECO are convinced that unimpaired health of the labour collective members is a guarantee of efficient production and occupational safety. Quality competent services are important not only for the Company but also for Clients and Contractors of the Company.
Alcohol and drug consumption causes occupational traumatism increase, loss of working hours, increase of sickness benefits, violation of labour discipline, decline of moral principles in the labour collective, decrease of profitability, quality of work and services provision.
РЕСО seeks to support of safety, healthy and efficient working conditions for its employees and the Company intends to eliminate possibility of drug and alcohol consumption at the working places.
Consumption of any alcohol beverages (irrespective of ethanol content), drugs, household and industrial chemical and toxic substances is prohibited for the period of the Company and Contractors’ employees stay within the company territiry and facilities of engineering surveys (in the field camps and other places of accomodation).
Production, consumption, storage, sell, distribution, advertising or promotion of the prohibited drugs along with consumption or misuse and illegal consumption of any authorized drug medicine are prohibited and these actions shall involve disciplinary sanctions up to immediate dismissal.
It is prohibited to be at the working place under the influence of drugs or alcohol and it shall involve imposition of disciplinary penalty up to immediate dismissal.
The Company is entitled to require passing a test by any employee in case of reasonable suspicion of alcohol and drug consumption (test “by a reason”), abuse or misuse of drug or alcohol containing substances or if there are testations of drug or alcohol “presence” in the employee’s body by the results of previous analysis performed in any moment of his employment in Pacific Engineering Company Limited.
Furthermore “selection” tests can be made if they are reasonably necessary due to specific working conditions or requirements of the national standards and regulations, contract terms and on the Client’s request. The mentioned tests are performed without any advance notice and if presence of the prohibited substances is confirmed or if the employee does not pass a full test, then such employee shall be subject to disciplinary sanction up to (and exceptionally) immediate dismissal.
If the test result shows that alcohol content in the employee’s body is higher than all allowable norms or there is a positive drug test, then the management shall take actions in complience with the current legislation.
Work permit is prohibited without passing of the mandatory “alcohol test” by the employee, medical examination by the Drivers prior and after the journey connected with determination of the fact of alcohol, drug, psychotropic substances and their analogs consumption by the employee.
The Company is entitled to perform regularly selective tests for determination of alcohol, drug, psychotropic substances and their analogs consumption by the employees or other persons acting in the interests of PECO including visual examination of the employee’s personal items on a voluntary basis, bring to disciplinary responsibility for violation of the provisions of the present Policy up to termination of the employment agreement.
Any Manager of the Company shall take off the job (shall not give a work permit) any employee under the influence of alcohol, drug or toxic substances irrespective of his direct subordination. The fact of the work dismissal shall be documented by a commission in the corresponding report. Written evidences of the witnesses shall be enclosed to the report (if required).
If alcoholic, toxic or drug intoxication is confirmed then the employee shall not be permitted to work and disciplinary responsibility measures shall be applied to him (material sanctions and agreement termination). In case of impossibility to get arguments from the employee or in case of his refusal to give written arguments the commission shall draw up a corresponding report.
The Policy action is applied to all employees of the Company and its Contractors providing services at PECO facilities including transport services and other works specified in the concluded contracts.
Employees of the Company and all Contractors of the Company shall follow the Alcohol and Drug Policy accepted in the Company.