Basic Information


It is impossible to build offshore platforms and bridges, lay pipelines and telecommunication systems, perform other construction and hydrotechnical works without accurate information regarding the geological structure and formations lying within the construction area. Pacific Engineering Company LTD. is engaged in obtaining of such information.


The main activities are the complex engineering‐geological surveys for the design and construction of oil and gas complex facilities, civil and industrial facilities of various purposes, as well as for the search and detailed exploration on the sea shelf and on land.

The range of services provided by Pacific Engineering Company Ltd. includes offshore and onshore engineering-geological, engineering-geophysical, engineering-geotechnical and engineering-ecological studies, as well as topogeodesic support of construction, study of ice conditions, inspection of underwater objects by divers and remote means, consulting services.


In the course of engineering-geological surveys the extensive data regarding the lithological composition, thickness and physical-mechanical soil properties, hydrodynamic regime, characteristics of the litho- and morphodynamics, and ecology of the shelf, the topography of the seabed are acquired.

The presence of man-made or natural hazards is studied: underwater cables and pipelines, submerged vessels, or large fragments thereof; anomalous zones of gas outlet to the surface.

Hazard maps are compiled and recommendations are issued on the most favorable location of the construction site.


Technical equipment, work experience and qualification of personnel allows to perform work as a General Contractor, taking all the risks under the General Contract with full responsibility for the performance of work and proper quality directly to the Client.


Pacific Engineering Company is a member of the SRO “AIIS” (Certificate 01-I-№0482-3). The Company has all required licenses for performance of all types of engineering surveys.

High level of service, execution of orders according to the international quality standards and mutually beneficial cooperation allow PECO to maintain long-term relationships with customers and partners.

Close attention is paid to preservation of the environment.