Offshore engineering geophysical investigations

“Pacific Engineering Company Ltd.” has more than the 20-year experience of the offshore geophysical surveys performance in various geologic-hydrographical conditions at the water depth from 2 to 400 meters.
The survey vessels are equipped with geophysical systems to perform a full range of geophysical surveys using the most modern means of data acquisition, processing and interpretation.

Виды работ

  • bathymetric survey by single and multibeam echo sounders as a basis for the design of pipelines and other offshore engineering facilities;
  • high-resolution seismic survey to study the upper part of the cross-section (up to 1000 – 1500 meters), to identify possible geological hazards (gas pockets, paleo valleys, faults, etc.) for positioning of the drilling platform at the drilling site;
  • sonar survey for mapping of different types of the seabed and identification of objects on the bottom representing possible complications for the designed facilities;
  • continuous sub-bottom profiling (SBP) up to the depth of 100 meters below the seabed surface for the more detailed study of the seismic cross-section;
  • magnetic survey to detect ship wreckage and unexploded ordnance;
  • inspection of objects using the underwater robot and divers;
  • navigation and geodetic support (positioning).

Фотографии работ